4K Review on the Kimafun 2.4g Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone & Computer Video Recording

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In all I was impressed with the Kimafun wireless mic. It was easy to set up and use and appears to have a nice range. For someone who is using their phone or computer to record videos, this is a great starter mic and you can find a link to purchase below in the description. I hope you enjoyed this review and it helps you.

The wireless lapel microphone system has adopting the international 2.4Ghz Wireless transmission, continuous frequency matching, The distance range is within 50ft in an open field without degradation of the audio response, it can work compatible with smart phones/PCs/Laptops/voice amplifiers/cameras/ multimedia/ and more.

The wireless transmitter & receiver can be charged simultaneously. Has a working time of more than 6 hours on a full charge. Mini metal clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar, tie or pocket. This honestly is nicer clips than some of the more expensive wireless microphone models.

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29 thoughts on “4K Review on the Kimafun 2.4g Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone & Computer Video Recording”

  1. I have this product and am very pleased with it. My question is how to add a second mic to this system. I'm using it with a stand alone PA system for business presentations. thank you.

  2. Thanks for the review.

    It’s a huge advantage for me. Doing what I do I get separated from the camera way too far to be tethered.

    I tried my normal Bluetooth headset that works great with my phone but it sounds terrible with my video app.

    My headset does a good job of noise reduction but that seems to create a conflict with YouTube, meaning it sounds better before I upload it.

  3. I bought this after watching YOUR video. I plug it into my now extinct Huawei phone that used to be free on Straighttalk so that I can make YouTube videos (I'm a hypnotist in Bakersfield, CA but born and raised in L.A. just 120 miles south). I walked around my house and the recording was loud and perfect. Good, because on stage, I'll never be more than half that distance away. I also bought a boom box with a 1/4" jack for MIC's and this mic is also a PA system: "Come on over and experience hypnosis!" The future problem will be the wire on the mic is real thin, and I end up breaking things, so I expect to upgrade one day. By the way, I'm thinking ANY lavaliere mic that plugs into a 2.4G transmitter should work with this receiver. So then you'll just buy additional plug in mics and not the receiver each time. I'm just saying.

  4. I plugged the receiver to the horseshoe piece (on the mic part) and plugged it into my Samsung S6 phone. When I plug it into the phone message pops up saying "earphones connected". The blue lights worked so they're synced but I don't think the phone is recognizing the mic, because when I tried to record something, the mic isn't working. I have tried plugging it into the earphone part but still get the same message. I have tried to look into setting on my phone but do not see anything for audio setting? Am I missing something, or doing this wrong?

  5. Need help please i have the Kimafun 2.4G microphone that we just ordered. I also have a bluetooth hearing aid. I'm wanting to install this on a laptop work – so i can quit having to wear a headset i'm wanting to be able to talk through the microphone and also be able to hear via my bluetooth hearing aid. Anyone know if this is possible and how can i get this set up to do what i'm wanting? Thank you

  6. I just got this from Amazon. I plugged the receiver to the horseshoe piece (on the mic part) and plugged it on my macbook air. the blue lights worked so they're synced, but the macbook air is not recognizing the mic, hence when I tried to record something, the mic isnt working. Am I missing something, or doing this wrong?

  7. Hi so my friend gave this to me recently but the “horsehoe” looking part that comes with it is not in the case can anyone recommend an adapter I can get to be able to use it with my iPhone, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  8. Thanks for this review. It's convinced me to buy it.. I think, but note for future reviews, you need to be aware of the type of microphone you are using to know how to properly attach it for the best results. In both instances indoor and out you had the mic incorrectly attached. It's obviously a Uni-directional mic meaning it captures in a cone shape starting at the receiving point to focus on one sound source, odd choice for a lav as most capture in a heart shape (omni-directional) and unidirectional mics are specifically for out door use? But I digress.

    You need the mic to be aimed in the direction of the source of the sound.. this means center mass and as close to your voice box/mouth as possible for the best clarity. Where you had it in the first test shot was outside of it's receiving range (cheap mics need help) and the second shot was pointed away from your mouth toward your shoulder.

    BUT when your mouth WAS in the proper position to where you attached it, it seems to have good performance for $50. So again, thanks!

  9. Hi Financial potion, I got the same kimafun cavalier Microphone and I use it with a camcorder. The thing is, the sound I get always have the radio-like and echo sound. But I realised yours does not have. I could not figure out why. Could you give some advice on my situation if you can? Thanks a lot in advance!

  10. hello, for the first 2 times recording it was ok but after de third time recording I had a lot of interference as I speak, and unfortunately that is no app to clean, or make more auditable, so I lost the video cuz I can hear for more than 10 seconds without breaking with this horrible interference noise. Any tip how I can fix it?

  11. 6:51 That's a good point about not being able to monitor it while recording. That's a big deal, unless you figured something out, or tested another adapter that allowed it to work(?).

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