3 Powerful Google My Business Features No One Talks About

In this latest Google my business tutorial I show you 3 of the latest features Google has added to your favourite local SEO tool.

Optimising your GMB profile with these new features is likely to help you further with attracting more visitors and improve your overall local SEO reach.

These feature are very easy to implement and should be considered as part of your overall local marketing strategy.

You can jump straight to each of them by clicking on the timeline shown below:

Feature N#1
Add a “request a quote” button to your listing: 1:01

Feature N#2
Questions and answers auto suggests: 3:13

Feature N#3
increase your number of followers with an offer: 5:12

✏️ Notes, references and links ✏️
Google My business App for IOS

Google My business App for androids

Electrician FAQ auto suggest example



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39 thoughts on “3 Powerful Google My Business Features No One Talks About”

  1. I don't have the blue request a quote button, why is that? Is it because I am listed as a furniture maker and not a plumber or electrician or that type of trade? I have got messages turned on, so people can message me, but just not the request a quote button.

  2. Hi There Luke 🙂 About feature 1# I have gotten a message, saying: congrats! The button "send a message" is now on your profile.. But there is no blue "request button" on my profile box. Why is that? Because, when do the step by step like you show on the video, i don't get the "Get messages from customers" – Turn on possibility … Do you know what i have to do then?? To get my blue button ;-))))) I'm danish, so hope my questions and explanations is understandable enough … <3

  3. Hey thanks a lot for always sharing great Hacks and information. I was trying to achieve the "Request Quote" button. But it is not showing on the GMB. Can you please tell me how I can fix this.

  4. Does it take a little while for the button to appear? I received confirmation from Google a few minutes ago but it does not show. Also, I work from home, and do not want my street view to show my house is there a way that can be taken off my listing page? I have a cover photo, generic google map and the street view showing on my listing. I've seen other similar companies that don't show the streetview. Thanks for all the info!

  5. Thanks again for sharing. Regarding Feature # 1: Google sent out a message recently indicating SMS for Google listings are going to stop, and it's all going to go through the GMB phone. Here's a question: Currently, if someone contacts us via our website or e-mail, the message gets copied to multiple users in the field. If I sign up for the "Request a Quote" option, am I able to tie this into a conduit which will auto-distribute to more than just my cell? Our business is Tree service. Lots of noise, and danger. Having something automated is a big need for us. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, and for trying to answer my question. Have a great night, Delfino

  6. Hello there, thanks for the great videos, I just started to watch your videos just a few weeks ago and find them very helpful. Can you share your thoughts if it will help me rank in the GMB in the neighboring cities if I add the names of neighboring cities beside the business name. you may look at my google profile by searching for life insurance in surrey BC. It does show up in the GMB pack but I am not sure if I remove the product names & replace with the names of neighboring cities like vancouver, richmond, delta etc. Thanks for your feed back.

  7. Great videos! My question is on how to handle Google My Business if you offer a service, like a cleaning service, and you don't have a physical location to post. How do you handle that? We'd want the general location by postal code to show but not a street address. I just found your videos and foresee spending quite a bit of time watching back episodes but I need to do this asap. Thanks! (I imagine this all works the same way here in Canada as in the UK?)

  8. Luc, you make such great videos! I've been watching for a long time, but subscribed a few weeks ago, so I can see all your new stuff! We are launching our own YouTube channel, DuffLaw Digital, Sep 18th! We are planning on using a lot of your tips to help promote our channel. If you get a chance, check us out and let me know what you think! Legal content & legal news you can use!

  9. Amazing! But i have confusion where is showing option of follower? i can't see anywhere. can you please show me that how to do switch on this? in business place and maps. thanks

  10. Unfortunately, the messaging tab doesn't appear for all businesses. Google's documentation says that it's available for select businesses. I tried doing it for a client, and the tab wasn't there.

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