25-minute Local SEO Audit That Will Crush Your Competitors

Conducting an SEO audit is one of the most important steps in your local marketing strategy.

Every local business owners should do at east one Search Engine Optimisation audit a year as it will provide detailed insights about their online presence, their strength and weaknesses and help prioritise marketing efforts to grow organic traffic .

Most local business owners don’t even know what an SEO audit is, let alone how it’s done.

If you are one of these people you’re going to love this video as I am showing you how to conduct your very own local SEO audit for free which you can use to crush your competitors.


local SEO audit checklist download


Here are the quick links to access each chapter of the tutorial separately

Google my business listing audit: 1:37
Business citations audit: 5:30
Is your website responsive: 7:01
Home page audit: 7:36
Web pages audit: 9:00
Ranking audit: 10:58
Link profile audit: 14:09

✏️ Notes, references and links ✏️

Create a quick link for your Google reviews

Google Review Link Generator

Find FAQs ideas

Download the resizing app to check your website in multiple devices

Check out your business citations

Scan your web pages automatically


Check your rankings on Google maps

Websites used to help with demo







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32 thoughts on “25-minute Local SEO Audit That Will Crush Your Competitors”

  1. I have done a few scans on ubersuggest.. Great tool for finding web errors.. but is there anyway to refresh the report after you made corrections? I've made corrections and waited a few weeks but the same corrected errors are still showing on the reports? Also, the keyword tracker has been tracking keywords now for over a week. How can you delete a project from the dashboard and start all over? Thanks

  2. Outstanding content. Only problem is that when I try to run an audit, the task bar never moves — stays at 0%. Check my connection and while not quite state of the art, it works fine on other sites. Also, any resources you would recommend to take a deeper look into the various tags you mentioned? Thanks.

  3. Hi Luc, I have a question. I got a client and do the whole audit you mentioned. The website is also a year now but no GMB, not in search console for index. My question is should I propose to the owner if I can redesign the website? the homepage lack of keywords, content, and call to action and really slow.

  4. Nicely done Luke, and thanks for including the SEO checklist. Have you found out any more about the Google My Business (GMB) mobile application sharing? I'd like a member of my team to be able to receive and respond to texts after the current SMS option goes away, however I don't want this access to be tied to GMB editing or G-mail. Could you consider a video on sharing my GMB with a co-worker the right way? Thanks, Delfino

  5. Perfect timing. I wanted an audit to give as a free value and you made a video. Thanks!
    Could you make some videos on reporting results to client or how to analyse the growth and changes of our local SEO campaign

  6. Especially, I like the last point of providing a link profile audit. Without links, Google won't rank it. However, local SEO is a more important local intent than relevancy. Many local websites still submit web 2.0, content syndication. Forget old tricks, focus on your local area and help people there.

  7. Hello, does the bright local citation checker work in india, as it says. This is not available in this region. Any other way to find out. Rather going with manual check

  8. Thank you for this tutorial. Just starting my agency based in London…so I'm not your perfect audience:)
    Although, your channel helps me a lot. I've learned more than from training, that cost $497.
    Once again, Thank you.

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