$2,000,000 in Real Estate Sales from One Knocked Door

Hey, everybody. Thanks for joining me today. Welcome to the agent success series where we focus on lead generation for real estate agents. My name is Lori Ballen, and I have a real estate team here in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving Henderson and North Las Vegas. All of my real estate leads come from the internet, from web marketing, real estate websites, pay-per-click, and from real estate agent referrals on social media.

 I’m out here interviewing top agents across the nation and even out of the country, talking about what they do and how they generate a large amount of real estate leads through a particular source.

Today, we have Robin Mann who is here to talk about Door Knocking and how she sold 2 million dollars in real estate from one door knock!

Transcript: https://loriballen.com/door-knocking-leads/

“I needed business ’cause I didn’t wanna take the leap of a full-time real estate position without feeling like I was gonna be successful. If I didn’t have an open house available, I decided I would door knock.”

“Here’s a story on that. The woman answered the door. She had a big, giant bandage on her arm and I was like, “Oh, wow. That does not look happy.” She was like, “Yeah, I just had shoulder surgery.” I was like, “Wow.” So, we talked about that a little bit. She doesn’t wanna sell her house, she doesn’t want a CMA, so I got nothing. Nothing. I got nothing from her, but what I got was that I know she had shoulder surgery and I know her address, and I know I can look up her name on tax records.

I looked up her name, wrote her a get well card, threw my business card in there. “Would love to talk with you whenever you’re ready to sell your house.” That happened in the spring. Last spring, last April. She had no interest in selling, and then we looked at her house and sold it this fall.”

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