15 Server Tips & Tricks | How to Make the Most Money!

Hello all of my fellow servers! If your looking for some tips on being a better server and making more money look no further! Here are my favorite tried and true server/bartender tips.

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13 thoughts on “15 Server Tips & Tricks | How to Make the Most Money!”

  1. I left a pharmaceutical position to be a professional server- I think you must be a chameleon- I totally agree you must read your tables. Then act accordingly. Always look good- neat and clean- well kept.My biggest tip is— stay HEALTHY- serving is no joke on your body- your handling silverware and glassware- wash your hands! Also, be realistic- some people are just out to make your night miserable. Why? Who knows- if this is you reading this — think about your server when you sit down. Are they being attentive and trying but perhaps they are swamped? Can you truly live without that extra ice for a few moments?? Do you have to be nasty just because you think you can?- just how well would YOU handle you?I would never, ever disrespect a server or bartender. They are the hardest working people you will ever meet. Be generous! Be nice- I work in fine dining- it has taken me YEARS to perfect my craft. I leave huge tips and never base it on a percentage- that’s so cheap- tip what someone deserves not what your calculator ( which screams you are CHEAP) that you whip out at the actual table to figure out 15% with.. if your doing that- it’s probably a sign you shouldn’t be where you are.
    I watched a business executive pull an iPhone out to figure a tip out for two beers. I’d rather you blow your nose in a linen napkin- it’s the equivalent

  2. Thank you so much. I have worked at smaller establishments before but currently i have been trained as a server at a larger establishment. So far everything has been good but I have been looking for ways to upscale my service to my customers.

  3. don’t be mean to hosts, i’ve hosted for a year and i’ve recently started serving now. hosts are just doing their job, and being rude to them isn’t going to make anything better for you

  4. I’ve only had 2 waiters that I’ve liked ever and I eat out allll the time. I still tip 20% but I feel like I shouldn’t anymore. A lot of waiters don’t smile, don’t check up on you, walk away WHILE I’m talking and expect 20. Im done

  5. Excellent and one more thing, always look back about 3 steps after taking the order, sometimes minds are changed quickly so looking back always help, also another diner, might really need some service, maybe their server did not return in a timely manner like yourself.

  6. One thing I hate, as a customer, is when you have a mouth full of food or you are engaged in a conversation and your server comes by and asks you if everything is OK or if you need anything. It's rude.

  7. I am caught between, I can’t take it anymore and damn this money is good though. I work at a VERY WELL KNOWN sports bar where the tips are better than any place I’ve ever served but the kitchen SUCKS! We have had so many walk outs because the ticket times are about an hour. We have horrible reviews also. We have to stand and wait for our orders and when expo is finally done with them the customer is pissed. No one runs each other’s food, the Managers will see food in the window and just leave it sitting there. They are more worried about being friends with the servers they aren’t assertive enough to tell people to run food. If we have walk outs over $50 we are responsible for paying for it or we get a write up. No consequences to the kitchen. How would you deal with this nonsense? I need advice girl.

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