14 Smart Tips For Collecting Payments From Customers | Business Training

Businessmen often face a challenge of collecting payments from the buyers. In this video Mr Anurag Aggarwal gives some tips how you may collect your payments.

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34 thoughts on “14 Smart Tips For Collecting Payments From Customers | Business Training”

  1. Mtlb kaanoon nahi hai koi kisi ka payment khale toh….jo Krna hai khudhe krlo credit p maal do fir usi k tallwe chaato………bht bhadiya…….esi faltu k videos q dal rahe ho uncle……mtlb acche insan ko bura insan dabale khale……khul k wo next tym business he na krpaye…….koi kanoon nhi very nyc…….iss desh me isiliye toh aadmi ange nhi badh pata…..sarkar jb itna b nhi krskti saali toh tax kis baat ka mangne ajati hai katora leke……itni b help nhi hai kisi business man ki toh….uncle ji bolna lecture dena bahut asan hai jo gyan aap bant rahe ho koi badi baat nhi…..jb paise mango tb PTA chalta hai k kya hota hai……..court k bahar q nipta lo yr……kanoon vyavastha ki itni mari padi hai k court me jane se pehle 10 bar sochna padta hai…….court k bahar tallwe q chaato bhai

  2. Anurag ji your videos are full of wisdom and you are a mature person with pleasing personality then question arises why are you not promoting your videos. You ought to have at least ten million subscribers.
    With Best Wishes.
    B. B. Sharma

  3. Take the next order and hold the deliveries until they make the previous payment. Big recurring customers only understand this method. They keep different vendors when one vendor's credit amount becomes too high than they stop giving orders to that vendor and start procuring from the other vendor and this is how they balance the funds. Be strict on payments keep some upper limit. Do not let the credit amount cross the "Aukaat or financial capacity" of that customer. Collecting payment is more difficult than taking order in India. Most business people use your money to finance their business' instead of taking short term loans. Collecting payments is an Art

  4. एक तरीका है । पुलिस लेकर उसके पड़ोसी के पास जाओ घर का पता पूछो ओर पड़ोसी को बताओ पैसे नही दे रहा एक साल से बदनामी होगी तो भागकर आएगा पैसे देने ।

  5. Mere pass h ek tareeka….moral suasion krke…usko aisa benefit dena jisse vo apkaa paise turant dede…agar uske pass liqidity h toh….agar liquidity nahi h….toh usse kaam nikawake ye possible h..jaise resterount wale bartan dhulwate h..usi prakar hamko usko level ka kaam dhund ke usko dena chhaiye…jisse uska benefit ho….

  6. Sir. Some multinational foods company need there skuwise brands in market in each shop in credit. We faced very hard diffilcly for recovery. But company is saying you must supply. Company rep. Said us. They need all skuwise products. You give to shop free or credit.

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