12 Tips On Beating Competition By Anurag Aggarwal | Business Tips

12 Tips On Beating Competition By Anurag Aggarwal.
In this business training video, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal describes 12 best ways to beat a competition.
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41 thoughts on “12 Tips On Beating Competition By Anurag Aggarwal | Business Tips”

  1. I love u see ur video sir. And even i got knowledge to grow my business… One thing sir please can u make video on Event Management and Catering business. My business is same. Please.

  2. Anurag sir, I am going to enter in dry fruits processing business. I know, its already a competitive business. But after thinking for months, I couldn't find any innovative products or service. Now, I know it's a profitable as well as competitive. I am new to any business. Processing will be in my hand, but confused about selling, because this product is not bound to any specific brand, mostly works on credit basis. Investments are also limited from my saving and also arranging 2-3 lakhs for my running cost. So, tell me, how can I differentiate myself from big suppliers to take competitive advantage while selling ? Please, I need help, being a starter of business.

  3. Amazing sir, nice videos, we receive lot of valuable content from you to learn.
    I am from construction machinery field which is a part of industrial sectors, contents you make no doubts are superb but that mostly on retail sectors, i also wish to have contents for industrial sectors.

  4. Anurag Sir
    I m your fan from Gujarat Rajkot
    Own General Automobiles @ Wankaner City SINCE 1988

    SIR koi products 1 din nayi nahi raheti fauran copy paste ho jati hai,
    Business me jaha competition hai wahi Jyada Custmor hai aur turnover bhi hai
    agar success rahena hai to bas dusaro se bas har waqt 1 step forward rahena hai.

  5. Anurag Sir
    Can We expect more examples from You like
    You suggested only one example in this video
    Of eatable utensils

    Please Suggest More & more creative & innovative examples like that

    Thank You So muc Anurag h Sir

    Reply Please
    I am waiting

  6. Sir: I follow your video very closely they are very very informative, my request would be to provide tips on Public speaking and being not afraid of presenting views, how to avoid being conscious of what we are speaking?

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